Unprecedented Realization

By: Aric Jon West

I caught you walking through my dreams one night
Strolling through an imaginary light.
And there I thought I saw you smile
Walking down a make-believe mile.

I found you dreaming in my thoughts one day,
Sleeping on a pondering bay.
A small idea you float upon
In the light of a brainstorm's dawn.

I felt you smiling in my heart one time
As you skipped to the beat of it’s rhyme.
I heard you sing to the rhythm it gave
Making music with your melody’s stave.

I saw you swimming in my doubts one hour,
Striking through waves tasting sour.
You joyfully pushed against treacherous tides,
Sweeping my excuses aside.

I dreamed you were standing with wonders and a rose.
Holding thoughts that no one else knows.
And you, out shining your companions' own beauties.
And giving Cupids new duties.

I found you strolling through my life one day.
You stopped for a moment and I asked you to stay.
Then you took my hand and led me away
To a brand new place... where better things lay.