Your Grace

By: Virginia Lynn Garant

Your smile was big and bright
It could always light a room.
Your eyes, soft and mesmerizing
The colors radiant with your smile.

Behind those eyes, their magnificent shine
Told of a story so sweet, so kind.
But your eyes were also a shield
For the pain and sorrow held in your heart.

You graced this world in so many ways
Each role important and so divine.
First to your mother and father
A blessed event-the birth of a son.

Then, as a brother, your presence so great
For you were a playmate and role model.
As your siblings shed their tears
The happy memories, they will never forget.

Your role as husband, one woman holds dear
The most triumphant role this world can see,
As the father and as the friend
Your shining stars-there are three.

Nephew, cousin, and all around friend
So many lives you have touched.
Your gentle, helping hands
Brightened so many of their homes.

These words I write in your memory
In my heart, the most important role,
Your role as my Uncle Rick
For this role meant the world to me.