By: Laura Brianne Farmer

I love him more than words can say.
But I never really thought I would have it my way.
He told me he loved me with all of his heart.
And I swore to him we would never be apart.

My family didn't want me seeing him.
That's where the trouble begins.
Just because he wasn't a perfect kid,
We had to keep our love hid.

Then one day we got a wild hair,
To skip school and run off, no one would find us there.
But they did.
I can remember them yelling, "Laura," as I hid.

Now we are separated very unwillingly.
I moved, and so did he.
But he finished school where I used to go.
I thought about the rumors and just screamed, "NO."

He wouldn't do all the bad things I heard.
He asked who told me them and I said a little bird.
The last time I felt his warm embrace,
There were tears rolling down my face.

I have tried so many times to contact him.
As soon as we broke up, Christina dated him.
He was the kind of guy who couldn't live without a girl.
But for me he was the only boy in the world.

I really hope he will read this one day.
So, just in case he does, this is what I want to say,