I Love You and You Love Me, Too

By: Nicole Marie Hayes

Loving you is easy, too,
and all I want is you, you, you.
Every day I wish to see
that you will be here with me.
Now that our love is true,
I will always love you.
Every day I smile at you,
and you smile back at me, too.
My eyes water, when I stare at you.
To know that you love me reassures me, too.
Even though it really shows
that we will be together,
wiping away my tears I cry,
while thinking about you and I.
I knew I would love you
and now it has come true,
even though I thought
only in my dreams.
As we sit and wait for the New Year to ring,
you hand me a little something.
As I unwrap it, open it, and see what it is,
you give me a little New Year's kiss.
I soon figure out that it is a ring
that says, "I will always love you."
I give you a kiss and say, "I love you."
And you kiss me back and say, "I love you, too!"
And then the New Year comes
and the bell rings and rings.
And you and me think what it might bring.
And then it is time to say farewell,
but not before a kiss Noel.
So then you walk me home
and we say goodnight.
But not before
I say that, "I love you!"
and you say, "I love you, too!"

Dedicated to the love of my life: Dan