Good Bye World

By: Amelia Summers

Sometimes I sit and think how things could’ve been
We could have been together
Why didn’t you see?
What excuse do you have this time,
Is it another girl?
Or your sexuality?
Which is it this time love?
What stands in my way?
I wish this could be over now,
I wish this wasn’t good-bye,
But there is nothing I can do
Except for sit and cry,
Why do I have to be the strong one?
I wish I could die,
I would never show you my pain,
I don’t know what you would do,
Would you laugh or think I was insane?
Probably one of the two.
I look at the razor blade, shining silver in my hand,
All I want to do is make the world go away,
I wish there was another way,
Mom this isn’t your fault, please don’t blame yourself,
I think you knew this was coming,
I’m not crazy
Please don’t think I am
I am just a sad unhappy little girl
Living in a cruel un-fair world.
I’m gonna go now, I hear the angels sing,
I hope they’ll let me in
I have been bad I know
I’m sorry for any hurt I’ve caused
Mommy and Daddy please don’t cry
I am happy in this place,
I know I’ll see you soon,
Sooner than you think...