By: Brittney Renee W.

If I could go back and live yesterday differently,
with you is the one place I'd really wanna be.
I would say all the things that have gone unsaid.
Or maybe I'd say it with kisses instead.
I was always reaching for something more.
And I didn't realize just what I had
until I had already walked out the door.
I would have grabbed your hand,
or maybe kissed your cheek.
I would have listened more carefully
to the words you speak.
I would want to walk away again,
cuz the first time wasn't right.
Maybe I'd laugh, or maybe I'd cry harder,
or feel no pain at all.
When I reached my final destination,
I would this time surely call.
This time I'd tell you what I'm feeling
and sooner start the process of healing.
I would have had more respect for you
and realized that your love was
totally true.
If I could do things differently,
just how much you mean
is what I'd surly make you see.
I would love you like no other
and place no one above you.
On your heart
I would place no bets.
I would have no regrets.