The Five Senses of Love

By: Rob Daniels

I've seen glorious sunsets, gleaming rays of golden hue
Gazed up at twinkling stars in skies so dark and blue,
Looked upon mountain peaks and marvelled at the scene
Beheld fields and valleys amid changing shades of green,
Although these scenes of nature are so beautiful it is true
Yet none are so beautiful as the stunning looks of YOU.

I've heard the rippling waters of gentle flowing streams
Listened to enchanting melodies, so angelic, so serene,
Heard the tiny heart beats of pure babes so full of love
Hearkened to the cooing of tender, peaceful doves,
Although these sounds of life are so delightful it is true
Yet none are so delightful as the joyous sounds of YOU.

I've smelt the redolent perfume of a beautiful scented rose
And sniffed the rain soaked earth as life begins to grow,
Inhaled the scent of lovers, caressing, holding hands
Breathed the salty air whilst walking on golden sands,
Although these heady fragrances are exotic it is true
Yet none are so exotic as the natural fragrances of YOU.

I've touched the smooth, silk texture of very expensive lace
Felt the sun's warm morning rays beam down upon my face,
Caressed the glistening dew drops on early morning leaves
Felt cool summer's breezes gently blowing through the trees,
Although these sensuous feelings are soft and gentle it is true
Yet none are so soft and gentle as the tender touches of YOU.

I've tasted juicy strawberries, succulent and honey sweet
Savoured creamy chocolates, a very rare and special treat,
Sipped fresh spring water from clear, cool mountain streams
Dined on caviar and champagne, every gourmet's secret dream,
Although these tastes are delectable and delicious it is true
Yet none are so delectable as the delicious tastes of YOU.