Our love

By: Belinda Jeanette Hill

As the days go by
my love for you
grows more each day.
These past few days
you seem very distant
and like that you haven't been interested
in me or anything.
I love you
with all of my heart and soul
and I don't want to lose you
not now or ever.
Yesterday your attitude changed
you scared me
but it didn't seem to bother you at all.
But I don't want to live in a lifestyle like that
and I don't think you do either.
All I want is for you to talk to me
and tell me what's going on.
I love you and I want ot spend the rest of my life with you
and only you.
I don't know what I'd do without you in my life.
What I'm trying to say is:
please talk to me and let me know how you feel.