My love for you!!!!

By: Melissa Bryan

My love for you is endless!!
Your love for me is somewhere out there.
I'll love you 'til Earth is done,
but will you be there to love me back?
Nothing will change my mind about you,
but will you change your mind about me?
I won't leave your side until I am gone.
Will you miss my love when I am gone?
I see you happy and having fun,
but you look right through me like a window,
like I am not there.
I want to be more than friends with you,
but you turn me down and say that I
can only be a friend to you.
I told you that nothing would matter to me, even
though you are older than me,
but you say that age does matter to you, even
though you said it DOES NOT.
I want you to hold me tight when I am
cold and sad,
but you just want to kiss me and nothing else.
I say I love you very much,
and always want to be with you.
You say that we can only be friends,
no more will happen between us.