A Letter To Tina

By: Dee Dee Jackson

You were always someone special,
To add laughter to my days.
I always knew I could count on you
In so many different ways.

You were the only one I could turn to
When I needed someone to care.
You seemed to understand me
I thought you would always be there.

But someone called with a message
Before the sunrise that morning.
The news that she gave me
Sent my entire world turning.

This can't be happening,
It has to be a lie.
I never even got the chance
To tell you goodbye.

The world as I knew it turned upside down,
All I could do was cry.
Who on earth would have ever thought
That their very best friend would die?

My life completely fell apart,
It threw my heart for a whirl.
I'll never be able to understand
How God could take such a precious girl.

At least I know you're in heaven now,
I can never have that doubt.
But I never imagined that it would be you
I would have to be without.

Three years have gone by now,
Since you left me that day.
But in my heart and in my memories,
Is where you'll always stay.