I Really Like You

By: Andraelle Davis

The time has come for me to tell you,
Everything I've always wished you knew.
I'm a little nervous about telling you how I feel,
But I'm telling you because these feelings are real.

I really like you more than you could ever know.
I really like you, even more than what I could show.
I know you'll probably never like me in return.
I know all this from the past lessons I've learned.

I just had to get these feelings off my chest,
And now i sit here and hope for the very best.
I know there are other girls who like you, too,
But none of them have these feelings... like I do.

There, now you know what's been on my mind,
But don't worry about me, another love I will find.
Although none of them will hold a prayer next to you,
I know now there is nothing else I can do.