What a Privilege

By: Tanisha D. Willoughby

Softly and gently,
You kissed my lips.
You looked deep into my eyes and said,
"You know, I really like you."

I give you love and in return
You 'like' me...
Well, thanks.
What a privilege!

We took turns bringing each other to ecstasy.
Our bodies united and we became one.
You rolled over and said,
"I like you more than any other."

I give you my body, my love
And in return,
You "like" me?
Well, thanks.
What a privilege!!!

When we walk down the street,
Hand in hand, people stop and stare.
"Young love," they say. "How sweet."
But it isn't love to you.

I give you all of me
And in return
Well, thanks.
What a... privilege?