By: James "Skip" Robert Hanlon

Why come with me to my darkened sea?
The pit of all despair is what you see?
The waters' depth, but no end.
Do you think I would unknowingly lead a friend?

I know you don't want to go deep,
Yet, further into this dwarfing darkness we creep.
Is it out of mischief, or just plain interest?
It is you, not I, who will not go to sleep.

Still, I follow you, only out of concern.
My heart wants to go back to the surface,
but, without you, it will yearn.
My heart grows accustom to this new and profound land.
I start feeling lonely and reach for your hand.

The pressure is too high; you are running out of air.
You scramble to the surface, but do not find me anywhere.
I'm in the waters below, searching for you.
Why did you run away, why did you desert me, too?

As my heart- as my anchor, I stretch and I reach,
only to realize I'm drowning. Can't you see that I'm frowning?
I have no where to go, no where to hide.
I guess I can go to that empty feeling inside.

I hope you are enjoying what life has to offer,
what life has to give.
Understanding what you have done to me,
don't you think... I want to live?

As time passes on, I think of you often.
I remember you making my heart grow stronger,
wishing we would have lasted a bit longer.
But my heart begins to lose consciousness,

I begin to push and shove
in anger that you didn't want to swim longer
and find the hidden cave of love.
As I die, crying you name, my heart loses its weight,
bringing me to the surface, my body is stiff and straight.

I float to the shore; people see me and begin to ignore
the very fact that I once had a love,
a dream, a goal, something to look forward to.
The tide goes away, it leaves me there to lay,
only waiting for the next day... when I find you.