The Night Remembers When

By: Jenna L S.

Springtime fades to summer, and summer into fall,
distant are the memories, and rarely do they call.
It seems that time is on my side, making memories dim,
yet, all that I've forgotten...
the night remembers when.

It's all too soon that sunlight fades, and darkness settles in.
and dreams of all my yesterdays come to plague me once again.
Soft brown eyes- they haunt me as do pledges from the past,
all dance upon my pillow...
and the night remembers when.

After all these months of heartache I have come to know some things;
sweetest words from honeyed lips can carry such a sting,
Sometimes they pledge, sometimes they lie; for every dream- a price,
paid in tears and agony...
as the night sighs.

Although my days pass quietly and about him I don't think,
each word he spoke, each kiss we shared the night has etched in stone.
And though my heart is healing, I dread when darkness falls,
for all I'm trying to leave behind me- forgotten in the past,
comes forth again to haunt me...
because the night does not forget.