Stand among the stars,
balancing on a light beam.
admits the glittery stardust,
see you standing there.
laugh out loud,
hear you call my name,
the sweet sound of your voice,
reaching through this expanse.
try to reach you, but I cannot get that far.
see you standing just out of reach,
behind the twinkling star.
stand there no longer laughing,
long for you, cannot reach you.
hear your voice,
inside my head.
hear the words so familiar
"close your eyes, look into mine."
close my eyes, tears slipping down,
shooting stars all around.
see your face, so close, so familiar in my mind,
stare into your eyes, see the love,
feel your presence floats around me,
as I linger in this memory.
your scent, your touch. You.
so familiar.
open my eyes,
standing on a shore,
stars above my head,
glittering to bright,
even though they are so far.
watch the waves rolling in,
bringing things anew,
the reflection of the stars,
rolling in as well.
your presence remains,
the thought of you,
the memory of our relationship,
our love,
will never be forgotten.
never left behind.
love is stronger than death,
stars twinkling endlessly,
always up above.
always there.
even if covered by the clouds,
or melting into the light,
their presence remains.
think on this, looking up into the sky,
as I stand on the shore.
feel the waves on my feet,
hear them crashing in.
surrounded by the soft light of the stars,
falling around me.
taking comfort in their glow,
in their constant presence above.
your face remains in my mind,
your touch, your love, all of you,
will never be forgotten.
always remember you,
always remember the love we shared,