I'm Sorry If...

By: Lady Bug M.S.D.

I'm sorry if I brought you pain
Which made you go into being insane.
I'm sorry if you ever missed me
But I still miss the way you kissed me.
I'm sorry if I had to say good-bye
And when I think of you I would still cry.
I'm sorry if we never spoke a word
But my memories of you and I are not blurred.
I'm sorry if I was any trouble to you
But I was still wondering what I was to do.
I'm sorry if we never meet again
But if I see you it will bring me joy and pain.
I'm sorry if I never did apologize
If you ever thought I flirted with other guys.
I'm sorry if all you feel is remorse
That we went out all through the first course.
I'm sorry if we never went out before
But then again I would have missed you even more.
I'm sorry if you even think of me at all
But I didn't think that someday we would fall.
I'm sorry if I never did pay enough attention
But sometimes I never really wanted to mention.
I'm sorry if all I think about is you
But since I left you behind my life has been blue.
I'm sorry if right now you're asking why
Because I was a dumb girl who was always shy.
I'm sorry if I said we would never
But when you changed my mind, it changed to forever.
I'm sorry if all I do now is cry
Either that or try to find the answers in the sky.
I'm sorry if for you the past is now a blur
I remember the first time I walked through your door.
I'm sorry if…