It's Time

By: Misty R. Lawler

I believe it's time to say what was really on my mind.
I am finally getting over you.
It took me a while, but, hey, I did it.
I have given up on you and now I am happy.
My heart that you broke is finally healing.
You hurt me,
but the pain you caused me only made me stronger.
You meant everything to me,
but now you mean…didly squat.
I'm finally giving up on YOU and ME as a COUPLE
and I'm moving on with my life.
Maybe, just maybe,
I'll find another man who'll love me,
and whom I'll give my heart
and he'll give me his in return!
Maybe he'll love me for me
and not my body or what I look like,
and doesn't judge me by appearance,
but once again loves me for me.
I'm finally over you,
for I am no longer going to love a player,
who just plays my mind and me.
So I believe it's time to say… ……