By: Ed Walter

I don't know where I'm going.
Don't remember where I've been.
But I've got a funny feeling,
I'm headed there again.
I think back to when it started,
To the moment when I fell.
When I thought I was in heaven,
And I found myself in hell.
I never do the thinking,
Till after I have lost,
The will to live my life alone,
No matter what the cost.
So this time I'll be careful,
This time I'll be smart.
I'll watch the signs,
And read the minds,
Before the loving starts.
And when I meet a lady,
That takes my breath away,
Who makes me leave the hurt behind,
And love another day.
I'll tell her she will have to wait,
For me to come around.
And have a little patience,
Till I get to solid ground.

Don't count on it.