When We Were In Love

By: Shannon Diana Blackburn

I just close my eyes and think,
When we were in love how it used to be.

How we held each other tight.
We laughed and talked all night.

I know that it will never be the same,
And that love can go as fast as it came.

I always thought our love was meant to be.
I never thought you would ever leave.

So here I am still feeling the same.
The suns gone down. It's starting to rain.

I wish there was something I could say or do
To prove my love for you is true.

When I look up at the sky at night,
I see the stars shine so bright.

The brightest star up above
Was based upon our true love.

Please stop and think. Change your mind.
I love you. Don't leave me behind.

'Cause I can prove our love was meant to be.
Stop and wait. You will see.