i remember

By: jennifer n dawson

i remember when i was young
i always dreamed i'd find someone
who'd be there for me through good and bad
who'd cheer me up when i'd get sad
since them days i matured
and i don't think like that anymore
i realized what true love means
and that things aren't always what they seem
i thought i found love some time ago
why i thought i'll never know
i promised i'd never give my all
i promised i would never fall
but you came along at a time
when i was looking for someone to be mine
i wanted that special one
like i dreamed when i was young
everything i wanted it seemed you had
you cheered me up when i was sad
beyond control i fell for you
i never felt a love so true
so i guess dreams
could turn into reality
you just have to wait and see!

dedicated to: Aaron Mathis, i love you, boo!!