Torn between legend and reality

By: Corwin Corey Amber

Your soft eyes in the morning dew,
are more beautiful than I could ever dream,

What would I think, if I didn't have your love,
I'd be lost in an empty city...china-puzzle unsolved…
Secret within secret- within secret- within...
only you can keep me on track, make me win!

Let's elope, let's leave all this behind.
I only want your love, delicate, sweet and kind…

With the tip of my tongue I gently catch what I seek,
a tear trickling down, ever so slowly, from your cheek.
It's salty, yet exquisite taste, exploding on my tongue,
as I wonder, tell,  my love ? ...have I ever wronged?

Your delicate eyes probe my soul for confidence,
for faith and valour, for truth and immaculate credence.
That harness my heart, fulfil my every need,
make me your knight on a silvery steed!

Oh, how I long for days of yore, of legends turned to dust,
when courtship and high love, bravery and loyalty,
were more than mere words spoken in trust,
and forever showed us the way to... infinity.