By: V. L. Dingle

Sitting all alone,
just lost my closest friend,
Life couldn't get much worse,
it's time to put it to an end,

All my life I had no one,
you were the only friend I had,
I know you were only using me,
that thought just makes me mad,

I thought you were there for me,
never to go,
I thought you were a true friend,
I didn't really know.

My life was so much better,
I was never sad or upset,
And that was all down to you,
from that Tuesday when we met.

We've had our share of bad times
but they always came out good,
You said we'd be friends forever,
I really thought we would.

Now that you have gone,
and I'm sitting here depressed,
Feelings whirling around my head,
no order, just so messed.

But now its time to end it,
get rid of all this strife,
For this I cannot handle,
I have to take my life.