Forever Kind of Love

By: Elizabeth Jean Duden

We met so very long ago, held hands and kissed... and we knew.
This thing we had was meant to be, it bloomed and then it grew.

We said "I Do" and hugged and laughed... and we knew,
This love will last forever and it grew and it grew.

Our children came, more hands to hold, more love... we knew,
The war, oh my, what will we do, he had to go, but we knew.
Our love was too strong to falter now, it held us together and it grew.

We'd make it, the war would end and he'd come home... we knew.
We'd start all over where we left off and on we'd go as our love grew.

We are old now, we made it, the bad and good because... we knew
Our love was meant to be forever and it grew and grew and grew.