Holding You

By: Jazzyluv

In all my years of sensual touch,
I never longed to hold so much.
I could not imagine the joy it brings,
The way it feels and the songs I sing.

Each time we greet at the door,
I quickly reach to hold you more.
And whether at home or out at night,
I’m always reaching to hold you tight.

When I’m wrapped all around you,
I can feel the way you squeeze me too.
And the warmth of your body next to mine,
makes the cloudiest day full of sunshine.

To express in words the way it feels.
Who really cares, and what’s the big deal?
A feeling that I just can’t explain,
Except to say, to you, I’ll remain.

When holding you in my arms,
I realize I’ve fallen to all your charm.
Yet, feeling comfortable as one can be,
I gladly want the world to see.