Life's Destiny

By: Kristine Beulke

There are weeds now
where clover once grew.
There's a hole now
where I once loved you.
There's a big wall
that no one can reach.
"Trust me"
The men all beseeched.

So I did once
we went out on a bike.
It was dark out
on this full moonlit night.
Then he grabbed me
and I remembered then
I was protected
by the hurt, way back when...

I heard a Coyote howl
close at my right.
And a bird sing
just out of sight.
Then a star fell
right before me.
It was amazing!
It had happened to me.

Now I'm happy
for that's in the past.
I have a new love
one that will last.
But I will remember
next time I see
A star falling,
Life's destiny...