By: Lauren Jennifer Olson

As I sit here all alone
I think of you
And how your identity is still unknown
But who really knew.

I try to picture you in my mind
But all I get is a body with no face
It's like I'm blind
Or, maybe I'm not supposed to see you.

It's weird
We've never met, nor talked
I felt like my heart had been speared
Cuz I loved you so much.

I want to be with you
I know I never can
My luck isn't that good
At least in this life span.

You're such a great guy
You're in touch with your feelings
I always start to cry
When you say I Love You.

All I want to do
Is have you here to hold me
I love you
So so so much.

I never want to lose you
You mean everything to me
Everyone says my life
Is so calm and worry free.

What they don't know
Is how much I grieve for you
Everyday the same thought runs through my head
The thought: I Love You!