Where Love Is

By: Brooke Allison Jones

If hearts laugh where love is found
If gardens grow where love lives
Then every time you're near, my heart is laughing
And every time you're not, there's still a garden growing
If I never knew love before
If I never could feel its touch
I know it now and feel its breath
In simple words you whisper and little things you do
If love is a child’s smile
Or is seen in the morning's dawn
Then my face will always stay aglow
And in my nights there will never be nightmares
If giving up what you want for someone else
Or if listening to someone else's problems
When you have your own is love
Then I'll never stop giving
And when times get tough, I'll never stop listening
If love never dies
If what I feel is real
And if love sticks it out through good and bad
Then it seems to me that this may only be the beginning
of what could be forever...