Together Forever

By: ~*Monica*~ |Shay| HeLm

I've been through some tough times lately,
You were always there for me.
I've always considered you to be a friend,
When I look into you eyes,
I feel more.
Your handsome face against mine.
We swore we would never break our friendship up
by going out and breaking up.
It's never crossed my mind before.
But as I look at you at this moment,
I see something.
I see we are more than friends.
Our eyes lock, our hearts meet, our lips touch.
As we kiss, thoughts run through my head.
I didn't think this would ever be,
But now it is.
Love has proven me wrong.
I love you more than a friend.
You're my desire, my love.
Friendship has grown to be more,
We're together.
Never will we part
Because we're meant to be.
Everyone has a plan for life,
Ours is to be together forever.