The Birds and the Bees

By: Karen L Meloy

Flowers and meadows and chocolates and cherries...
He never loved me. He’s in love with the fairies.
He wanted me only for his own selfish wishes.
He trapped me while I thought of flowers and fishes.

Then when I realized I was in a cage
I shouted with hate and anger and rage.
I finally got out. I finally was free...
And that’s when he started crawling back to me.

I was thinking of meadows and sunshine and fishes.
He thought of himself and his own selfish wishes.
He tricked me into thinking he was sweet
Like chocolates or cherries or something to eat.

He trapped me again while I looked away.
I was thinking of meadows and a sunshiny day.
This time he caught me and held on real tight.
I screamed and I yelled and I put up a fight.

But, he held me tight and I could not break loose.
I became depressed as I took his abuse.
I had to get out. I had to get away.
I had to get back to my sunshiny day.

So I bit and I scratched and I ripped him apart.
I wounded his soul and his mind and his heart.
After that, I was happy and joyful and free.
I thought of chocolates and biscuits and tea.

Then my friend got mad. She does not feel my pain.
I think I’ll leave her out in the wind and the rain.
The selfish will fall and they’ll go underneath
Into the lake of burning sulfur, where there’s gnashing of teeth.

And I will be thinking of chocolates and flowers,
While I lay here watching the clouds for hours.
He never loved me, though he said he did.
He trapped me while I thought of fishes and squid.

He lost my love because he held on too tight.
He brought only darkness. He blocked out the light.
The tighter you hold it, the quicker love leaves.
Love is found in the freedom of the birds and the bees.