My Future Is With You

By: Kevin W Teasley

The sleepless nights of wondering,
Of what I’m going to do.
I’ve never had a love so true,
My Future Is With You.

I can’t predict the future,
Although I wish I could.
Even though I can’t,
I do know this…
My Future Is With You.

There is no way in this world,
I would turn my back on you.
No one could ever replace,
The Love I feel…
My Future Is With You.

There will be trials and tribulations,
I’m sure there will be temptations.
One thing I promise you,
I will never screw this up because…
My Future Is With You.

I’ve said time and time again,
That you will be my wife.
If only you knew,
How much I really want that…
My Future Is With You.

I can’t picture myself,
With anyone but you.
No matter what,
I promise you this…

I Pray to God this will come true,
because I only want to be with you,
if something happens and isn’t spoken…
My poor young heart, will be broken!