My Sister

By: Bob Dean Brokaw

Let me tell you about my Father.
Let me tell you about my Mother.
They only had two children,
a sister and a brother.

But Father has passed away, now,
Mother, also, went one day.
That left just me and sister,
and we went our seperate ways.

Twenty years, I chose the Air Force,
I never did get home.
California for my sister,
we both were born to roam.

With letters and with pictures,
we always kept in touch.
Missing growing up together,
and things that meant so much.

Maybe writing down this poem,
in my own and simple way.
Will tell her about my feelings,
I never got to say.

But how do you put on paper,
all the ways you've really missed her?
Of all the time that've passed,
without your little sister ?

From in my heart, I found this poem,
and hope she knows it's true.
With all my love in five small words,
Sister, Sandi, I love you.