By: Scott Charles Harrison

and so together we have ached through this hollow winter
dancing around each other
never grasping
never claiming

the happiness we shared became haunting
our memories bittersweet

sleepless nights in two lonely cities
we took forks and knives to our feelings
but could not swallow the sadness that refused to be cut

seeking to fill our emptiness
with butts of a thousand cigarettes
quenching the thirst with wine and vodka
living individual moments of confusion and clarity
that retrospect now frowns upon

the forced loneliness taught us nothing
save the knowing that we misstep often and blindly
for the heart cannot be swayed by the mind

but as spring approaches
let us play at love under chocolate skies
play at giving and teaching and learning
drinking honesty until we are wasted
then drinking again

let us remember our past with smiles and blushes
forgiving it like small children
let us mend together the toy we once cherished
treating it tenderly and delicately lest we tear it again