By: Jay E. S. De La Cruz

Take the time away from the world
Leave all your footsteps behind
Show me all the doors that you're hiding
Lead me to all the roads that you're walking
Fighting over a bleeding scar
That was left behind by your kiss
Maybe I might see the truth behind your gleaming eyes
But the wind blows by me
Saying "Take her hand and lead her to the secret garden"
So I followed with seeming joy in my heart
And with gleaming brightness in my soul
The blooming flowers show the pace that our love should keep
The little dust that comes into my eyes
Releases the hidden tears that cover my eyes
Our shadows cross paths and jump up and down
As we play games that give us high enthusiasm
Putting all our worries behind
Putting all our burdens aside
We take to the high sky
And dance to the tune of the cool breeze
And if we see a falling star pass by
We say a wish that our love will stay forever
And our affection will last longer than life
And after all of this I said and done
We end our passion with a flying kiss and a romantic hug