You Are My Second Skin

By: Tehreem

You are my second skin
Protection sent from heaven
You are my only friend
Love--I found gliding across a rainbow

You saved me from drowning
In the Pacific Ocean
You let me realize
Only I can empower myself

You are my second skin
Softness, like a rose petal
Dewy and moist, like fresh rain
After the humid summer pain

You exhale perfumed love
I inhale honeysuckles and jasmines
Cherry blossoms open their petals in the snow
When you breathe new life into me

You are my second skin
Golden like the sunny days
At Santa Monica Beach
A memory of the summer of '99

You taste like cherries and Chablis
With chocolate ice cream on the side
No! You are definitely not a fleeting dream
A memory chewed away like cotton candy