The Indecision of Man

By: Kurt Robert Willems

Her face glows with exuberance,
with hair that flows to unknown reaches.
Her eyes burn into your soul without forgiveness,
and her mouth,
oh, a sweet mouth,
that could echo the joys for which I yearn.
Her skin shines the richest gold,
and her nose smells the sweetest scent.

This angelic creature is what I stare at,
consuming my inner being.
As the world around me crumbles...
The seas boil,
and the fire of God falls from the sky.
The birds no longer sing,
and my heart no longer beats.

But her face remains,
bright as the North Star,
etched in the recesses of my mind.
If only I had said something to her,
that day when the sun still shone,
I might not be here,
caught in this flow of lava,
in which slowly I sink.