Meant To Be

By: Athena Ann Taylor

Let the stars fall,
If that's all it takes.
Don't let me wake,
If I'll find it untrue,
That you,
My perfect one,
Love me so pure.
I like the idea,
That I can be sure.

The rays of the sun,
Were meant to shine,
Upon only you.
When the morning dew,
Kisses you so sweet,
Know that it's from me.
We alone,
Could perform such a feat.

If only the angels had known,
We would have never been.
But then again,
Why are they so selfish?
The waves catch us,
In their ever-loving arms.
The moon looks down
Brushing away any frown.
I love you more than life,
And I pray,
Someday I'll be your wife.