By: Pete Bolte

Soft white wispy mist floating in the treetops
Lit by the dawning of a pink summer sun
tingeing still dark gray clouds.
Warm bluish misty air, drifting on a vagrant zephyr.
Your whisper on my cheek.

The deep blue of a clear, crisp sky
Snow white puffy clouds
Parading in random file on a slow breeze.
Throwing cool shadows on newly cut bright green grass.
The peace you give me.

Flickering yellows
Itinerant white/yellow/red sparks
Off rough logs over curling blue flames
And glowing, golden embers warming the room.
The comfort of you.

Flat, slate gray clouds low to the horizon
With a fine, cold drizzle driven onto sere brown weeds
On a raw, relentless, black wind.
Your absence.

Pulsating deep reds shot with
Exploding purples/blues/greens
Ejecting day-glow pinks and light yellows
Our passion.

A rainbow fronting roiling storm clouds
Brilliant, highlighted with no end.
Myriads of colors
Our love.