Sara's Sigh

By: Barry Lee

Lately I've been thinking,
about you more and more,
all the love you've given me,
and what life has in store.

I remember how it started,
a fight, a title-bout,
Foreman versus Shultz,
the first time we went out.

You stole my heart that night,
a thief in a flowered sundress,
so precious and precocious,
and I, the perfect mess.

I felt just like a little boy,
beguiled by your charms,
not knowing what to say,
or how to hold my arms.

I remember how you laughed that night,
and every move you made,
your tiny hands, your silken hair,
your luscious lipstick shade.

And now the years have passed,
like time inevitably will,
our lives now joined by rings and vows,
only dreams left to fulfill,

I love you more today,
more than you'll ever know,
If I told you a thousand times today,
I'd still have thousands left to go.

No price is high enough to pay,
for the love you've given me,
I'll never be able to explain,
I just hope one day you'll see.

I watch you while you sleep sometimes,
for hours on end, it seems,
your whispering breath inviting me,
to meet you in my dreams.

You are a perfect poem,
you are beauty to all things,
you are owed the fortune of love,
that a rescued soul can bring.

It's four a.m., and I'm thinking of you,
my tears of remembrance drying,
one more, "I love you," before I sleep,
beside my wife... so softly sighing.