You Changed Me

By: Sunday B. Fakus

You gently walked into my life
For a mission of love in the sincerity of your heart
You swiftly removed obstacles on your way
That you may flow in the highway of my heart

You pulled out matches and a flashlight
And lit the fire of love in me
You melted all the filth with candlesticks
And removed the thorns hidden in my eyes

You rubbed my face with tears from your eyes
And surrounded me with pleasures and romance
You soothed my heart with the comfort you bring
Until my memory suddenly vanished away

With your eyes you saw my diseases
And decided to be my only medicine
You repaired all that’s broken down in my life
And finally made me a perfect one

You’re nothing but a miracle to me
An angel of God from heaven above
Like magic you turned my life around
And make me feel brand new again