Eyes Locked In

By: Wrath

There is something inside that I just can't describe to you.
Whenever I try the words come out all jumbled into a sentence
that doesn't end up making sense, but this is very common for
those of us known as writers.
So, here, in my words on the page will you truly see
and begin to realize this secret love, or call it obsession
I am about to reveal.
You walk into the room and it is like
a sudden calmness coming over me.
I look in your direction and see you walking towards me
with a smile that could melt the heart
of the most stuborn person in the world,
but the expression on my face shows none
of what I truly feel on the inside. I know you like I know myself,
I've studied you and with my eyes locked into yours
can tell what each different glance means.
But this same type of love is not returned.
That is why I don't let it out.
It is a secret love which shall never burn out
until the day of death is dawning.