the one

By: Miriam M. Wynn

for the one:
speak love poetry to me in any form;
with heart and self, accept me as I am;
kiss me senseless in dreams or reality;
believe adamantly in equality;
surrender to me and conquer me;
close your eyes and call for me;
some nights hold me still and quietly;
others, accost me vehemently, seductively;
believe in something beyond the self;
believe in laughter, and practice it;
stroke me with a delicate hand
and commandingly grasp my essence;
understand that the lovemaking of minds
is as important as the mussed sheets of
a gloriously, rampantly Bacchanalian bed;
follow me with your eyes and practice sweet restraint
if only to explode when next we touch again;
give me the space I seek and never look to change me;
know that I will love your flaws and relish all of you;
possess me and set me free and suffer when I'm gone;
smile when you hear my voice and feel me at your side;
know that I will ache for you as much as you might long for me;
murmur in my ear with a timbre as deep as the oceans;
bite me, grip me, feast upon me, and fiercely embrace me otherwise;
take me with you wherever you go;
think of me when you should be thinking of other things;
laugh to yourself in memory of the things I say or do,
and I will do the same of you;
follow me
and I will follow you.