Take a chance

By: Noe Gonzales

Take that chance, don't be afraid
Remember, God made you and one day
He'll answer all your prayers and grant those
beautiful dreams

So go ahead feel free 2 love me
more than your friend , brother even more than your lover.
Because, I do believe in somthing greater
Take the chance, grab my soul
And don't let go , 'cuz I know you!

I know your heart, I know what is right from wrong.
And what is Now, is divine! Yes, I do know you.
You're the little girl that's always cryin 'cuz time is crawlin'
and you feel you've left your doll house dreams
too far behind 2 go back for.

This is why I am here, now. 2 love
you for being everything in my eyes
See, I do believe your just like me
Wanting love from above 2 share together
Yeah, we'll be that and more... you'll see

Take a chance , take my soul
and don't let go!

With love you can never go wrong,
maybe it's time
to stop playing that sad love song,
and just move on.