Saphire Tears

By: babyboo

I loved you so much and never thought I'd have to share
but now since it's over, I see I was the only one to care.
I cry sapphire tears because we are apart
and they so truly show the color of my heart.

They fall so swiftly down my cheeks of satin
and they make me wonder what went wrong, what ever happened?
I tried to show you all the things I ever thought I could,
and I gave you everything you ever asked for...
whether or not I should.

I drop sapphire tears right upon the floor
as they say to me "cry no more",
so I dry sapphire tears right from my very eyes
even though I know you are worth all of my cries.

I never understood why you said the things you said
and why it was so hard for you
to express your true feelings instead.

I save saphire tears safe within a jar
and they so really represent my hearts eternal scar.
They clutter on the bottom like a raging sea,
here...my tears to you from me.