One Last Wish (Daybreak)

By: Mick Goodson

Yet why am I still shrouded by darkness.
Why do I not feel warm Sun on my face. Or taste the
morning dew gathering outside my door.
As, once, before.

Why do I not hear birds sing in glorious unison, or see
them emblazon themselves on the sky - adding to an
ever changing mural outside my window.
Instead - I hear only shallow breathing.

And why is my heart on fire. Burning with a ferocity
I have never known before. Yet, my bones feel ancient
to their marrow - and I feel so old,
so very - very old.

Why do I wish for memory loss - that I may lose myself
among walkways surrounded by strangers- with faceless
people who neither know nor care -
how I miss you.

And another wish. A wish that I was a child. Weeping
softly into my pillow. Being comforted by my mother or
father. Arms holding me- as only a parent knows best.
To ease their child’s distress.

Why can I not accept this part of my life- as others do?
Turn- with fond reflection. This book has been read, its
over - finished. But now I have your ring on my finger.
And your smile still lingers well into my days.

Haunting me, reminding of all we had, of all we shared.
The moments that grew from a throwaway kiss then on
into our final separation.
All those years. Those happy years.

So, now I wish - for just one last wish, and this above any
other single thing that I live or ache so desperately for.
But this wish - can never be. For your life has been sung -
and with each passing Sun...
I ask 'why?' without me?