Hearts And Flowers

By: Shalah A Blake

Love, locked inside a crumbling tower
It’s only companion a romance lost
A tower built of hope and love
Slowly falling down around her
Making her long for a blessing from above
A knight in tarnished armor, rides into her view
His armor is dented, his heart is bruised
He has been broken, his anguish too new
Warily they watch, not wanting to fall
Losers at love one and all
She wonders of his thoughts on life and of love
Is he her blessing sent from above?
He is shy, and quite weary
And his heart is too hurt to let himself go
Their mistrust and fear keep them apart
She alone in quiet misery
He adrift in a sea of agony
Both of their hearts hurt by others
Scared of healing with one another
But sure as spring brings flowers to bloom
The iciness of their hearts melted soon
And slowly they reached to one another
And let their hearts blend in a tenderness
That made angels above begin to sing
For a new love nurtured is a wonderful thing
And slowly they healed and loved in life
But with little sorrow and little strife

For now they knew how to love
And this was their blessing sent from above