Elusive Memory

By: Fauncine Janice Mohler

The warm gentle breeze of summer
softly blows her long, loose hair.
The sun catches fire in auburn tresses
lifted high about in the air.

Dusty swirls across the path
play underneath her wandering feet.
She stops at the gate to smell a flower
that grows tall and proud in the heat.

Fences border along the path
and are wrapped with soft columbine-
twisting and turning up each rugged post
where velvety cups intertwine.

Her delicate face seems lost in a dream
too far from anyone's sight;
entranced by the gentle bees humming,
intent on their wandering flight.

The distant hills, the far off vales,
the large wispy clouds in the sky,
the beauty of the day does not allude
to her broken heart's lonely cry.

The saddened eyes seek in the distance
love's long ago elusive memory-
of times gone by, of dreams unfullfilled,
the vision of something never to be.