My Love Would Forever Be With You!!!

By: Christian Vazquez

With your hazel eyes,
you made me realize,
how much your love had to offer.

Not having you right next to me,
with you laying in my arms
there goes my destiny,
as I weep and scream your name out loud,
sounding like a broken muffler.

As the dark tone of your skin
would fade,
looking at the cuts of a sharp
razor blade,
I can't take this anymore.

With the helicopter giving light
from above,
I got to say,
you were my one and only true love,
I never felt pain like this before.

As this day for me goes down into
your murder is still defined as a
still wondering why you were cut down
into pieces.

Weeping like a crying mother giving birth,
I lay before the heavens and the earth,
for I shall go with you.
see you soon!!!