Riding Destiny

By: Avery Robertson

A wild and windy day,
can only bring sad memories
of a life once fullfiled, bright and gay
...now empty

Moments within moments flash clear
through tear-filled lashes
Has it really been another year?
...still waiting

One day blurs into another
one heart beats slowly
air only serves to smother
...endless hours

You walked so quietly away
I hardly noticed
it was more than just another day
...brutal awakening

Glimmering ice, the winter's cold
has made me believe
death, though it be so bold
...waits dreamily

Reaching out, hold me near,
Let time slip our bonds,
my mouth moves, can't you hear?
...silent screaming

Misty colours fade from light
to dark, a quiet rest;
the world is taken from my sight
...Riding destiny