By: Keri

Who would have thought
This is how we would be
This is what has become
Of what was once you and me

I pour out my heart
But you don't say a word
But every soft whisper
In your heart I know is heard

When I do hear your voice
Calling out to me
I turn to run to you
Then know it cannot be

I reach out to touch you
To hold you once again
But you don't reach back
Leaving an emptiness within

My hand sweeps across the ground
Where you now peacefully sleep
Longing for you to reach up
And rise from the grave, so deep

I gently kiss your name
Engraved upon the stone
And am left to cry at your graveside
Left to cry alone

I long to know so many answers
As to why you left me without saying good-bye
And what caused you to hurt so badly
That you felt you must die

I wish I could have been there for you
And often think of taking your same route
But then I think of all life's blessings
All the blessings you did without

I will face all of life's battles
Without you by my side
I can't help but think if I had fought them with you
Would it be you who would have died?

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you
But I will never leave you now
I will see you once again
But for now must go on... somehow

Tears drop from my grieving eyes
As I lay roses at your stone
And am left to cry at your graveside
Left to cry alone

Dedicated to my very close friend
Devin Day (02/02/83-01/06/99)