Good Bye

By: Elaine L. Buenaventura

U said that we will never end
But it looks as if it's all pretend
'Cause u don't have the time to spend
Nor a Hand for u to lend.

Now, I do not understand
This is not the way I had it planned
'Cause here I am, alone I stand
Help me please, I need a hand.

I thought u said that ur for me
But now it seems, it's not meant to be
But Listen, 'cause I want u to see
That I love you so... so I'll set u free.

This doesn't mean that I don't love u anymore
This doesn't mean that I've closed my door
U will always be my life, my savior
And I will love you, forever more.

Now this poem has to end
And our relationship as well
But there's one thing I want u to know
That our love... hurts like hell.

And now it's time to say, GOODBYE
Don't look at me 'cause I might cry
My heart is hurting, I'm starting to die
But then I know... I have to say GOODBYE.